Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I contact Scrubs Mag editors?

We welcome your questions and feedback. An easy way to reach us is by sending us an e-mail. Please note that Scrubs Mag tries to respond right away to every letter we receive, but regrettably, not all e-mails may be answered in a timely manner.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to Newsletters?

To subscribe to Scrubs Mag’s newsletters, click here. To stop receiving newsletters, click on or paste the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every newsletter into a browser window. This will take you to a page where you can request to be removed from the newsletter list.

How do I send an article to a friend?

If you’d like to share a Scrubs article that you’ve just read,  select a share option from the social share toolbar. You can also copy and paste the link from the browser and paste it into an email. Voila! Did you know that if you sign up for Scrubs with your Facebook account, the articles you read show up in the “Recent Activity” feed? No extra work for you!

How can I use your article on my own website?

Scrubs provides content-sharing plugins that are visible at the top of every article for the re-use of our content online. Sharing Scrubs online via any other method violates our terms of use for the site.

Can I re-publish your articles in my print publication?

We review these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please use the Contact Us form here or email he***@sc*******.com .

How do I search Scrubs?

You can search all of the articles on Scrubs Mag using the keyword search box located at the top right of every page of the website. It’s as easy as typing in a keyword, such as “careers” and selecting the “Search” button. On the search results page, you will get a list of all of Scrubs Mag’s articles that pertain to nutrition, starting with those that most closely match your keyword. If all else fails — you can always Google search “” + [“search term”].

Why don’t I see my comment posted?

Anything you submit to our comment boards is subject to review. Please be patient with us!