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How this Nurse Lost $4 Million and Got Right Back Up Again

When I met Vee the NP (Veronica Southerland), I could feel the confidence oozing down the phone. I want to add that there wasn’t a shred of ego, but rather an air of graciousness and gratitude that comes with an entrepreneur of […]


Organs for Transplants: Closing the Gap between Supply and Demand

On any day of the week, you might see Andy Fisher wearing his “kidney shirt” as he walks around Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL, a suburb of Chicago. His t-shirt says it all: “In Dire Need of an O+ Kidney […]

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How a Routine Patient Checkup Turned Violent for One Harrington Hospital Nurse

As a nurse, you’re already well aware that no two days of working with patients are the same. Whether you’re working in the emergency room, an operating room, maternity ward, or any other area of the hospital, you can never […]

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Deadly Resentment: The Grudge Motive and Murder of Medical Professionals

Dr. Mark Hausknecht, a prestigious surgeon and cardiologist in who cared for former President George H.W. Bush, was fatally gunned down as he rode his bike to work on July 20, 2018 in Houston. Although no suspects have been formally […]

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Wanna Be An Influencer? Here’s 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Thanks to instagram (yes, just instagram) everyone is a comedian, photographer, or influencer. We mean that with the greatest of intentions, because the world is now connecting in a new way. But over saturation is a real thing. Literally everyone has […]

Raise The Vibration
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Raise The Vibration

I’m an experienced nurse, I’ve got this. How hard could this travel nursing assignment be? Yes it is in Detroit, an inner city hospital in my home state, but I have years of experience, this won’t be bad. I’m on […]

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NCLEX quiz: vitamins

Think you could ace the vitamins portion of the NCLEX test? Here’s a practice quiz…now…go!

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The 10 Best Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Every year, we feature the 10 latest Instagram accounts that you must be following, according to Scrubs Magazine. We work with ambassadors, influencers, and innovators in the medical field every day. Your difference in the industry can be small, what […]