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New Study Links Unprofessional Behavior to Adverse Patient Outcomes

A new study published in JAMA Surgery suggests that patients tend to suffer when surgeons exhibit unprofessional behavior towards their colleagues, including nurses, physicians, and other care providers. As a…


The Trend of the Jogger

Virtually every profession has a uniform or dress code, and those that require a college degree tend to have higher standards.  Whereas a simple polo shirt and khakis will do…


What You Can Expect from Travel Nursing

Read One Travel Nurse’s Amazing Story Everyone needs healthcare, and that means nurses can find work across the country or even the world, if they have the right qualifications. If…


NY Nurses Reach Landmark Agreement

After weeks of intense negotiations, the New York State Nurses Association has reached a landmark agreement with three of the state’s largest hospital systems: Mount Sinai, New York-Presbyterian and Montefiore….