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Top Android apps for nurses

Top Android apps for nurses

There are lots of fantastic apps for nurses and nursing students on Android phones. Here are a couple of our top picks.

FDA changing sterilization rules to aid in superbug fight

FDA changing sterilization rules to aid in superbug fight

We’ve been following the CRE superbug outbreak spread by duodenoscopes that have not been completely sanitized, and now the FDA is making moves to improve the safety of procedures involving these scopes.

Nurses and social media: Keeping it professional

Nurses and social media: Keeping it professional

Be mindful, be informed and be proactive with what your online identity says about you. You’ll be thankful you did.

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Stay in the know: the latest updates to your steth

The Eko Core digital stethoscope attachment allows you to record patient heart patterns while still using your traditional stethoscope.


Mobile apps improve nurse diagnosis rates

A new study from Columbia University School of Nursing shows that nurses using a decision support app on their mobile devices are significantly more likely to effectively diagnose weight issues, depression and tobacco use.

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8 Instagram handles every nurse should follow

If you’re on Instagram and looking for users to follow, we have suggestions for eight accounts you may be interested in!

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Do you know the patient identifiers HIPAA defines as off-limits?

Do you know what you can–and can’t–share about your patients online? If not, it’s time to brush up on your HIPAA knowledge!

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Are mobile health platforms the next big thing in tech?

Three of the biggest technology companies in the world – Apple, Google and Samsung – are entering the mobile health market. Learn what’s new from each.

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Is the pager era over? More hospitals turning to HIPAA compliant texting

More hospitals are implementing smartphone texting systems as a communications method on the floor. Are pagers finally on the way out?

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3 apps to help nurses stay informed

We’ve got details on three apps you should download now to make your workday easier and keep informed on the job!

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3 great apps for nursing students

In nursing school? Love technology? We’ve got three awesome apps that you need to check out!

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3 apps to help make your workday easier

Are you always on the hunt for phone apps that will make your life and job just a little bit easier? We’ve got three for you to check out!

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“Nurses Say Pagers Must Go; Hospitals Drag Feet” – Did you read it?

“Nurses and other healthcare workers who communicate vital patient information say they need an alternative to outdated pagers and insecure smartphones.” Do you agree?

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5 best apps for a healthy mind

Get your brain in shape with these great apps!

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7 gadgets to help you get (and stay!) fit

Don’t have the time to hit the gym or a park after a 12-hour shift? Don’t beat yourself up! Instead, try one of these gadgets to help you get fit.