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Knee Replacement Surgery


If the cartilage in the knee joint is worn out, medication and physical therapy are often ineffective. Sometimes the only way to restore mobility is to perform a knee replacement. Knee replacement in Germany has long been considered a routine surgery and is among the 20 most frequently performed surgical procedures.

Who are candidates for the surgery?

The main indication for knee replacement surgery is the functional impairment of the knee joint, which cannot be restored due to the destruction of the joint elements.

There are two main types of knee replacement, i.e. partial and total knee replacement. Partial knee replacement involves preserving as much of the patient’s bone tissue as possible (among the most common partial knee surgeries is the kneecap replacement). However, the indications for such surgeries are somewhat limited. Thus, most knee replacement interventions involve total replacement of the joint.

Clinics in Germany perform total knee replacement in patients with advanced degenerative processes. Other indications include a severe injury, rheumatic conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease, etc.), infection or inflammatory process, congenital dysplasia, etc.

German orthopedic clinics use minimally traumatic technologies, allowing partial and total replacement surgeries to be performed safely even in elderly patients. However, childhood and adolescence are contraindications for common surgeries, since the bones are still growing.

Can knee replacement be postponed?

Knee replacement is a planned surgery. Therefore, the intervention should not be performed earlier than 2-3 weeks after acute diseases or exacerbations of chronic pathologies.

However, it should be borne in mind that a violation of the joint function is highly unfavorable for the musculoskeletal system. It may cause the development of complications that include:

  • Articular cartilage damage of the opposite knee
  • Progressive “bone death”
  • Chronic inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs
  • Foot pathology and difficulty walking

“Disabling” the knee leads to dystrophy of the muscular tissue of the affected limb and compensatory scoliosis. Therefore, with prolonged immobility of the knee after prosthetics, rehabilitation courses are required to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system.

Timely knee arthroplasty prevents the development of complications and ensures a short recovery period. If indicated, surgery should not be postponed.

Why is it worth undergoing knee replacement in Germany?

By visiting orthopedic centers in Germany, patients can count on the following advantages:

  • The vast experience of German surgeons
  • Individual assessment, including the choice of treatment method, the selection of surgical technique and type of replacement surgery, personal course of rehabilitation
  • High medical technology (use of computer navigation during prosthesis placement, etc.)
  • Wide use of sparing methods of surgical interventions
  • The impeccable quality of endoprostheses (average lifespan of an endoprosthesis is about 20 years)
  • Statistically proven minimal risk of postoperative complications
  • The best rehabilitation medicine in the world
  • Optimal price/quality ratio for medical services

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How to undergo treatment in Germany during a lockdown?

Let’s start with the fact that you can visit Germany during a lockdown. The main thing is that there should be a medical emergency. To come to Germany for medical reasons during a lockdown, you need a valid visa and an official invitation from a medical facility willing to accept you for consultation, treatment or rehabilitation (and in case of knee replacement you will need all of these).

Booking Health negotiates with the hospital of your choice, receives your invitation, and helps you get a medical visa. With Booking Health you will have nothing to worry about, as the company will professionally arrange each aspect of your treatment.

For more information about undergoing treatment in Germany, leave a request on the Booking Health website.


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