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Scrubs Magazine and Cherokee Uniforms are committed to doing their part to end racism once and for all.

We have long been ally’s of all minority groups. We have always shined a light on issues affecting racism, bigotry, xenophobia and more. For the past decade we have actively covered stories on patient racism and how to handle it, we expose phobias that still exist in Nursing, and within our community, we actively fight and engage to shut down such racism.

Since the Black Lives Matter movement started, we understand that we can also do more. We can be more pro-active in our approach to fighting racism.

Over the past month, Cherokee Uniforms has donated $100,000 to causes affecting the black community. We have developed a committee within our company to focus on the black community, spearheaded by black members of our team, from an admin to an influencer level. We are committed to take an active role in fighting racism.

Our ‘Lets Scrubs Out Racism’ campaign runs alongside the other badge campaigns we are known for, from Stop Nurse Bullying to the LGBTQ+ badges we produce. The campaign’s purpose is to connect the medical community in their commitment to actively fight racism.

We want you to join us, download your badge and let us know how you are working to scrub out racism. We’ll feature select stories on Scrubs Magazine.

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Racism has no place anywhere, not in healthcare, period. Help us scrub out racism by showing your profile picture with pride. Download the image and tag @CherokeeUniforms and @scrubsmag on instagram.

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