7 Nursing Hacks You Can’t Live Without

4. Pulling tegaderm and duoderm parallel to the skin to remove it. It stretches and releases the skin nearly painlessly!

5. Use an alcohol swab to lose that pesky IV tubing!!

6. Open the back of a diaper and fill with ice to use as an ice pack. Very flexible for many body parts, and extremely absorbent. We mostly use it for perineum tears!

7. Don’t have a flush? Wrap the IV tubing around your hand a couple of times then twist.

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One Response to 7 Nursing Hacks You Can’t Live Without

  1. angelam

    I specialize in wound care, and my BIGGEST hack is to wear two or even three pairs of gloves. You remove the old dressing, pull off a pair of gloves, and if you have alot of cleaning to do, then clean and pull off your second pair and then you have clean gloves for the new dressing. It saves ALOT of time. There is nothing more frustrating than changing gloves in between and having to wait while your hands dry completely, all the while, dealing with an open wound. The less time you have that wound uncovered the better. My other hack is to read the notes of the last shift quickly before you enter the room the first time (providing you can of course), or get a “synopsis” of the patient. it really saves alot of time and questions if you know a bit about your patient. specifically their A&O status, and when their next dose of narcs or iv infusions are due. That way, you can plan ahead before you make your first rounds.