Nursing School Stories

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Three nurses share their story of attending nursing school in the 1950s

What stories from your nursing school experience would you include in a book a half a century after they occurred? Find out what these three nurses chose!

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“Am I cut out to be a nurse?”

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5 rules for nursing students…from the 1970s!

For those of you who are in nursing school and are aghast at some of the surprisingly dated rules you must abide by (white uniforms? Really??), take a look at this list of rules for nursing students from the 1970s!

A nursing student who beat the odds

A nursing student who beat the odds

I will never forget during one of my clinical rotations when a nurse looked at me and asked, “How are they letting YOU be a nurse?” I was too shocked to know what to say.

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The “real” education of a new nurse

“I was surprised when Bob said there were harder things than a patient’s death…”

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Bone marrow transplant recipient becomes a nurse

Catrina Saterfield received a bone marrow transplant after she learned she had leukemia. Now she’s becoming a nurse and getting all of her classmates involved in saving lives before they’ve even passed the NCLEX.

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How clinicals helped me cope with my grief

When I became a nursing student in my 40s, I never thought that school would help me cope with a personal tragedy. Here’s the story of how clinicals helped me grieve, and how that grief made me a better nurse.

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My favorite nurse

Growing up, I had two favorite nurses: Ernestine Shoop (Madge Sinclair) on Trapper John, MD, who had a no-nonsense approach that I admired, and my mother…

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The boy who changed my life

Mornings with Nathaniel became my favorite part of each day and inspired me to follow my gut. It’s now my second year of nursing school…

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Your funniest nursing school moments!

We asked our Facebook fans for their funniest stories from nursing school, and boy, did we get an eyeful! Read on for their hilarious, crazy and occasionally R-rated responses!

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Dear Nursing Student: Would you rather change a bedpan or administer meds?

I’d heard students’ stories of their first semester of clinicals, and I can tell you, I was highly underwhelmed. It sounded to me like the grunt work of Nursing 101.

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A cure for hospital tunnel vision: Peeking into the OR

When Meg Adams switched from a medicine unit to an operating room during her first year of nursing school, she discovered “a completely different world.”