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5 stress-reducing summer smoothies for nurses

5 stress-reducing summer smoothies for nurses

Feelin’ the heat? Give these stress-fighting smoothie recipes a (literal) whirl—they may be just the thing you need to stay cool.

Quiz: portion distortion

Quiz: portion distortion

Think you could answer what the calorie differences are between food served 20 years ago and food today? Find out the shocking difference!

5-minute exercises: Before, during and after your workday

5-minute exercises: Before, during and after your workday

Remember when finding time to exercise was easy? Yeah—neither do we. Let’s work on that.

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55 low calorie fast food options for busy nurses

Need to fuel up, but have no time to spare? We’ve gathered some low-cal fast-food options to help satisfy your hunger!

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Nurses, shovel your way to a healthier you

In all seriousness…what did we do before snow blowers and plowing service??

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10 fitness hacks for nurses to try

Try these 10 simple fitness tips from a fellow nurse that can help you improve your current level of health.

10 reasons you can’t lose weight

10 reasons you can’t lose weight

…and what you can do about it!

How can nurses lose weight? “Be Beyonce!”

Feel like you don’t have time to exercise or cook healthy meals? Click in to find out what you can do in 20 minutes or less each day to get healthier.

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5 things you’re doing wrong when working out

Everyone has made the mistake of working out incorrectly and later paid for it with injuries and embarrassment. Here’s what you’re doing wrong…and how to fix it!

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5 tips for getting back into running after a break

Now that nursing school’s over, you’re ready to tackle the next challenge…getting back into running. But how? Try these tips.


3 fitness fads you dared to try (and what to do differently!)

Have you tried one of these three fitness fads? Learn why they don’t work…and what to do instead to get fit!

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5 more healthy, quick recipes for nurses on the go

Stomach grumbling on the job? Next time, prepare one of these delicious and healthy snacks!

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What’s healthy eating REALLY all about for nurses?

You may thinking eating well just means picking healthy foods, but there’s more to it than that. Read on for more!

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Fat nurses, fat America?

More than half of nurses, according to one study, have a BMI of over 30. That makes us one of the “fatter” professions in this country.

The secret to weight loss? Nurses, you already have it

The secret to weight loss? Nurses, you already have it

Yes, someone can drop 100 pounds in the course of a television season, but a typical nurse isn’t going to have a slew of weight-loss gurus following her every move…