10 Best Unique Gifts for CNAs


If you’re searching for gifts for CNA week to recognize and honor CNAs (Career/Certified Nursing Assistants), you should know one thing: You don’t have to wait for CNA Week to honor the people who routinely go far above and beyond the call of duty to help nurses and other medical staff get the job done each and every day! Those folks spend their working days administering pretty intense hands-on care to individuals who are ill, elderly, or disabled, Gifts for CNAs are appreciated (and much needed) any time, so if you work with a CNA and want to show your appreciation for the work she or he does, here are 10 CNA gift ideas that are more than your typical pin, pen, or pillow:

Custom CNA Award Coins

The work of CNA is an integral part of the healthcare system. They relieve nurses’ work and provide better services to patients. Gifts given to CNAs should be more prominent in the affirmation and compliment of their dedication and career. Custom Award Coins would be a very good option. These coins are not only symbols of honor and recognition, but also can be commemorated and treasured. The elements on the coins can be custom-designed. The names, service time, and even the photos of the CNAs can be added on the coins during design.

A Gift Certificate for a Local Manicure

Unlike the rest of the staff gifts listed below, this one isn’t something you can hold in your hands. But speaking of hands, a CNA endures a lot of wear and tear, so what would be more enjoyable than having those hands—and nails, of course—pampered? A manicure always includes a hand massage, which is often the most delightful part of the experience. Show your CNA just how much you value the hard work that their hands do for you and for patients every day.

“Behind Every Great Nurse” Tote Bag

Nurses know all too well the under-appreciated value of certified nursing assistants, and nothing touches CNAs more than having nurses acknowledge all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that go into the job. This tote bag is perfect for reminding the CNAs in your life that you couldn’t do your job nearly as well as you do if you had to do it without them! The bag is a great gift idea for those who work in any health care environment, from hospitals to homes to nursing homes.

This Amazing Desk Caddy

There’s nothing subtle about this message. The CNA you give this to might actually want to have one for work and one for home, as it would be a great conversation piece! There are picture frames on both sides that hold 2” x 3” photos, and there is a beautiful analog clock in the middle. It can be folded to become a pen and pencil caddy, batteries are included, and so is an inspirational card. It’s perfect as a Christmas gift, a gift for CNA week, or student gifts, too.

“Frontline Warrior” Retractable Badge Holder

While there aren’t too many opportunities to customize the uniforms that medical professionals have to wear on the job, the badge holder is a much-valued one! Why not commemorate your CNA’s value by helping them prominently display their ID? This cute badge holder is full color and has a slide clip on the back to attach it to a lapel, pocket, or belt loop. The snap attachment slides through slots on IDs, too!

A Gorgeous CNA Watch

Just like any medical professional, CNAs glance at their watches dozens of times during every single shift – so why not remind them how important they are every time they do so? Choose from medical-themed watches, rugged watches, floral-themed watches and more, and bring a smile to your CNA’s face every time they check the time.

“Impossible to Forget” Keychain

Pick up this small token of appreciation for the CNA who already has everything. No one appreciates CNAs more than the nurses and staff they work with – this beautiful stainless steel keychain is nickel-free, and won’t rust or tarnish. As an added bonus, it comes with an elegant velvet gift bag, too. Another similar option is the “God made CNAs so Nurses Could Have Heroes Too” keychain!

“Thank You CNA Heroes” Lunch Cooler

Okay, so you could also fit a 12-pack in here – of water, we mean, right?! This lunch cooler is perfect for CNAs who often are so busy that they don’t often have time to eat according to a perfect schedule. It will keep food and drinks at the right temperature for hours, has a zippered main compartment, an adjustable shoulder strap, and sleeve pockets big enough for mobile phones.

Beautiful Planters of Forget-Me-Nots

This option is perfect, especially if you have several CNAs to show appreciation for. At a price that is below $6 each, these planters are exclusively designed and come with your choice of seed packets, peat moss pellets, and are decorated with two messages: “You’re Unforgettable Efforts Make All the Difference!” and “Thanks for All You Do!”

A Personalized Steel Travel Mug

We all know that a good water bottle or travel mug that can keep drinks cold enough to last an entire shift (or two) is priceless. This mug can be personalized with the name of your favorite CNA and since it’s stainless steel, it won’t make beverages taste odd, either. This one fits easily into car cup holders and in pod-style coffee makers, is made of food-grade stainless steel, and has double-wall technology.

The Perfect T-shirt

Looking for unique gifts for nurses aides? The saying on this T-shirt is probably very true, but it’s also bound to evoke a smile or a chuckle from the fellow who dons this at the end of a hectic day. Pick one up for your favorite “Pirate CNA!” Few things make better morale boosters than gifts that bring a chuckle to nurses aides, medical assistants, CNA students, and others!


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