5 Benefits of the P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects many men at some point during their lives. There are plenty of causes of ED, some personal habits among them, and it is normal for a man to experience reduced sex drive and difficulty getting an erection as he gets older. In fact, young men can experience ED too, especially those who smoke, use recreational drugs, or drink excessively.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction has long been available, and lately we have seen the increased popularity of the P-shot which is a successful and simple method. What is the P-shot, and how does it work? Should you get it, and what are 5 benefits we can tell you about? Let’s begin by explaining what the P-shot is all about.

What is the P-shot?

The full name of the P-shot is the Priapus shot. It uses a technique known as platelet rich plasma (or PRP.) PRP needs explaining, so let’s start with that. The beauty of a PRP treatment – which is increasingly being used for other hormone treatments – is that it uses the patient’s own blood. This makes it safe. The routine begins with a professionally trained medical practitioner taking blood from the patient.

This blood is then put into a centrifuge and spun at a certain speed for a certain time. The effect of this is to separate the red blood cells from the platelets which reside in plasma. The reason is done is that platelets are a growth material. They inspire growth and regeneration in the body.

Next, the PRP – without the red blood cells – is injected into the penis (a numbing cream will be applied for comfort.) This means there are now more platelets in the blood in the penis than would be naturally. As PRP is a growth and regeneration material the effect is of repairing and strengthening the penis. This simple, tried, and tested method of treating ED is rapidly becoming that of choice for many men.

Be aware that it not just men with ED who want to undergo the P-shot. A small penis can be a confidence problem for men who are sexually active. This can lead to low self-esteem and depression. The P-shot will provide added firmness to the penis, hence improving that man’s self-confidence. If you want to talk to someone for this reason it will be treated in confidence, so make an appointment now to talk to a consultant at a local clinic offering the P-shot and they’ll help you with your problems. So, back to those five benefits of the P-shot that we promised you.

What are the Benefits of the P-Shot?

Men who choose to have the P-shot usually do so as they are experiencing ED or have low self-esteem sexually. There are many benefits not only from the results of the P-shot, but also from the way the procedure is carried out. However, before you are granted treatment you will need to make agreements with the consultant. You will need to give up smoking, to stop using recreational drugs, and to cut down on alcohol. These lifestyle choices make a difference to sexual performance – as do poor diet and poor sleep patterns – so you will be expected to make changes.

If you’re happy to, the following are five of the benefits of the P-shot that you can expect to experience:

  • The P-shot will result in firmer erections that last for longer hence vastly improving your sexual performance. This in turn will boost your self-confidence.
  • PRP improves the blood flow to the penis which will result in better overall penile health, something that many men do not think about.
  • Men who have had the P-shot and their partners regularly report increased pleasure and sensations during sexual activity.
  • The P-shot does not increase blood flow to other areas of the body – which Viagra, for example, does – so there are no other side-effects such as the headaches that come with using various pills.
  • The P-shot is a quick and simple non-invasive procedure that many men are undergoing on a regular basis with great success.

Put simply, this is a procedure that will not only benefit you but also your sexual partner. In addition to a better erection, you get the added benefit of feeling good about yourself, as well as improved blood flow to the penis which is a great aid to health. Of course, you may still have concerns about the safety of this procedure, so let’s talk a bit about this subject.

Is the P-Shot Safe?

Let’s go back to the early part of this article and the PRP procedure. Remember it uses your blood – the blood of the patient – and nothing else. This means there is less risk of contamination that comes with other procedures that may use synthetic materials. The only side-effects of the P-shot are possible soreness where the blood was taken and the PRP is injected. These should alleviate in a few days.

The P-shot is perhaps the safest of all treatments for ED, so rest assure you are making the right decision. Now all you have to do is think about whether or not you want to go through with this simple and successful ED treatment.

Should I have the P-shot?

Erectile dysfunction is not just about not being able to create or sustain an erection. It’s about not being able to sexually satisfy a partner, and that can also put a lot of strain on a relationship. This spirals into depression, anxiety, and a man feeling he is not good enough, and can be extremely detrimental to ones mental and physical health.

The tried and tested P-shot is a sensible alternative to Viagra or other pills which do carry some often-unpleasant side effects. It uses only your own blood, so you are not adding any chemicals to your body. If you suffer ED or have no confidence in what you perceive as a smaller than normal penis you should make an appointment with a local clinic offering the P-shot and they will start the ball rolling with an initial consultation.


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