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Lynda Lampert is a registered nurse and a certified third shift worker. She has worked with many different patient populations, including post-op open heart, post-op gastric bypass, active chest pain, congestive heart failure, poorly controlled diabetics and telemetry 'wonders'. She now focuses all of her effort on educating the populace -- both the nursing world and the normal folk -- through her web writing. She hopes one day to publish another romance novel, travel to England and become a web rock star. She feels she is on her way . . . mostly. You can learn more about Lynda and her work at

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Confessions from hospital HR (here’s why we didn’t hire you)

What really happened when YOU went in and gave what you felt was a great interview? HR insiders confess about what works—and doesn’t work—in the hiring process.

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Top 3 challenges for an LPN

Do these roadblocks sound familiar to you? Here are some tips for frustrated LPNs…

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3 specialties that will be BIG in the future

Where will your skills serve you best in the future? Here’s a list of a few booming fields in the nursing industry.

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“Oops” moments nurses hate to admit!

Have you ever screwed up royally? Yep. So has every experienced nurse.

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Unconventional ways to relieve compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue, or spiritual distress, can take the form of headaches, muscle pain and abdominal pain. Here’s what you can do.

Hilarious t-shirts for every nurse specialty

Hilarious t-shirts for every nurse specialty

Sometimes a nurse just needs to let the world know how great she is—and that’s where these nurse specialty T-shirts come in.

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Funny stories from the front lines: My code brown moments

Whether we needed two masks, a change of clothes or more towels than we’d care to mention, code brown stories are just plain funny to hear.

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2013 jobs forecast for nurses

Is nursing still a good profession to get into? Where will the jobs be located? Here’s where nurses stand to gain in the near distant future…

Secrets from an NCLEX insider—revealed!

Secrets from an NCLEX insider—revealed!

We asked an NCLEX guru for her best insider advice on approaching the exam and “cracking the code” on test day. Get her tips!

Top 5 places to look for jobs (outside the hospital)

Top 5 places to look for jobs (outside the hospital)

If you’re a new grad who wants to get out there and use your nursing license, what can you do? Think outside the box by considering these five places as job-hunting targets.

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Top U.S. states to be a nurse in 2012

From the highest salaries to most favorable nurse-to-patient ratios, we found out which of your neighbors are living the good nursing life.

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More medical miscommunications!

“What did you say?!” The presence of equipment, psychoactive drugs and hearing-impaired patients can lead to some confusing (and hilarious) conversations.

Funny things only nurses get to see!

Funny things only nurses get to see!

Take a look at some of the oddest encounters our readers have experienced.

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20 mobile apps for nurses in 2012

From drugs to anatomy to conditions, there are apps to help you treat your patients better and keep reference materials easily accessible.

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The rites of passage in a nursing career

As the years go by, a nurse hits certain milestones and rites of passage that mark your years of experience. How far along are you on this list?