Dr. Adarsh Jha: 3 Ways Efficient Lipid Metabolism Will Enhance Your Overall Health & Vitality


For more than 20 years, endocrinologist Dr. Adarsh Jha has helped his patients live with increased vitality and longevity. Endocrinologists are medical professionals specializing in remedying adverse health conditions resulting from anomalies in the body’s hormone-secreting glands – like the adrenal gland, pituitary gland, and thyroid gland.

Dr. Jha helps his patients understand the direct associations between poor lipid metabolism and the onset of chronic disease – including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, which are the leading causes of sickness and death in the USA and most of the rest of the world.

Lipid Metabolism & Cancer

The human body is a conglomeration of trillions of cells. Cancer is a cluster of disease states caused by some of the body’s cells growing uncontrollably and then traveling and lodging in other parts of the body.

Dr. Adarsh Jha explains, “Abnormal lipid metabolism is one of the most common metabolic changes seen in cancer patients. When the body produces too many lipids, it contributes to the formation of cancerous cells and, eventually, tumors. It’s possible to develop patient-specific strategies to target lipid metabolism, and thereby help to slow down the progression of some types of cancer.”

Lipid Metabolism & Diabetes

People with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus are all prone to improper lipid metabolism. Insulin resistance impairs your capacity to metabolize glucose effectively, the body’s go-to fuel source. This often results in chronically elevated blood sugar levels, which are highly correlated with weight gain, which often increases insulin resistance even more.

“Disrupted, inefficient lipid metabolism is also a common trait seen in individuals with advanced diabetes,” Dr. Jha explains. “This often leads to further health challenges by increasing cholesterol and fatty acid accumulation in the bloodstream.”

Lipid Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases

The CDC reports that cardiovascular disease (CVD) has long been the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and many other countries globally. And for over 50 years, the American Heart Association has advised reducing saturated fats in the diet to lower the risk of developing CVD.

“Having too much saturated fat in your diet can disrupt efficient lipid metabolism and raise overall cholesterol levels, especially LDL, and that’s strongly linked to cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Jha asserts. “It’s good to replace saturated fat sources like fatty meats, processed meats, mayonnaise, and dessert foods with water-rich foods like organic vegetables and fruits.”

Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Adarsh Jha understands the direct relevance of efficient lipid metabolism to the health of his patients. He coaches them about how to enhance their metabolism of lipid-based biomolecules to optimize fatty acid oxidation, lipogenesis, and overall health and wellness.


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