Dr. Daniel V.T. Catenacci, MD, Offers Advice for Avoiding Gastrointestinal Issues as You Age


The right choices and steps now could help folks avoid problems with their digestive tract later on. Daniel Catenacci, MD, provides insights.

Many people suffer from a range of gastrointestinal issues, and often these problems get worse as they age. Taking steps now could prevent issues later, especially as folks reach their golden years. Fortunately, gastrointestinal expert Daniel Catennaci MD can provide some tips for maintaining good health.

“You are what you eat. Your digestive system is crucial in supplying your body with energy and other needed inputs,” notes Dr. Daniel V.T. Catenacci. “Unfortunately, some folks aren’t taking as good of care of their digestive tract as they should be. Ultimately, enjoying a well-rounded and healthy diet is one of the best choices anyone can make.”

Currently, many folks across the world have a poor diet. It’s tempting to load up on junk food and processed food, but in the long run, a poor diet can lead to obesity, various vitamin deficiencies, and myriad other issues. With patience and a willingness to try new things, it’s possible to craft a diet that’s both tasty and healthy.

“Over time, your digestive system can be worn down by too much junk food,” says Daniel Catennaci, MD. “It’s important to ensure that you have a balanced diet that your body can handle and digest well. Often, that means cutting down on processed foods.”

It’s also important for older individuals to eat a lot of fiber as it can help with many bodily functions. Many plants are rich in fiber, while processed junk foods may not contain much fiber. As folks age, they’ll want to increase the amount of fiber in their diet. Getting into a habit of eating fiber now could pay off later.

Dr. Daniel V.T. Catenacci Offers Tips For Successfully Adjusting Your Diet

Many people try dieting but end up failing. It’s hard to break habits. Rather than changing their diet overnight, many folks would benefit from slowly modifying their diet. Someone who eats fast food says five times a week could cut that down to 4 fast food meals a week. Then after a few months, they might cut down to three meals.

If someone is addicted to sweet foods, they might start by replacing one candy bar daily with a piece of fruit. Many fruits are just as sweet and satisfying as candies and much healthier. Just keep in mind that it’s not the fastest horse that wins the race but instead the steadiest. Incremental change can pay off.

Don’t Overlook Vitamins and Minerals

Getting all the right vitamins and minerals can be difficult, even for folks who craft a perfect diet. Further, your needs often change as you age. Children may benefit from higher calcium levels, while elderly folks often suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies. Further, cognitive decline is a major issue for older folks. Fortunately, vitamins B6 and B12 may benefit older folks and their cognitive abilities.

It’s smart to talk with a doctor about potential supplements and deficiencies.


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