Dr. Oscar John Ma Shares His Favorite Tourist Attractions in Great Britain


Dr. Oscar John Ma is a physician who specializes in emergency ultrasound. Physicians work hard and have busy schedules. However, when he finally has some downtime and it comes time to relax, he enjoys sportswriting and book editing. As an avid golfer, he also enjoys going out and playing a few rounds of golf. But one of his biggest passion is traveling, with one of his favorite places to travel being  Great Britain. Below he will share his favorite places to visit when he ventures out to Great Britain, in hopes that you may also discover some of these places for yourself.

Dr. O John Ma Recommends Visting Stonehenge

One place that Dr. Ma. highly recommends visiting is Stonehenge. Stonehenge is on the Salisbury plain, one of Europe’s best-known historical sites. You will discover giant megaliths erected during prehistoric times, between 3000 and 1500 BC. You will get a sense of the techniques used to construct and arrange these massive stones nearly 4,500 years ago. Stonehenge is a fascinating place that makes every visit feel magical. Whether you decide to take a tour that gives you a fantastic audio-visual experience, or if you choose to do some self-exploring, you will find yourself admiring the wonder of Stonehenge. 

Dr. Oscar John Ma Loves To Explore Windsor Castle

Dr. Ma states that no visit is complete to Great Britain without visiting the famous Windsor Castle. He enjoys taking in all the history surrounding the castle and strongly encourages anyone to take the time to explore this beautiful place. If visiting a royal attraction is on your list, this one is a must. In less than an hour from Central London, you can find yourself in one of the Residences of the Royal Family. The grounds are vast, so be prepared to walk, but don’t let that discourage you from visiting and experiencing breathtaking views of the property. 

Dr. O John Ma Says No Trip To Great Britain Is Complete Without Visiting Lake District National Park

If you are looking for a place that shows off the natural beauty of Great Britain, then Dr. O John Ma wants you to consider stopping at the Lake District National Park. The area has vistas that look like they are inspirations for many paintings. Along the way, you will discover little towns, villages, and even England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike. Lake District National Park is one of Dr. Ma’s favorite places to unwind and take a deep, relaxing breath, and he wants to share that experience with you. 

When Dr. Ma has time to travel, he loves going to Great Britain. He takes in the vast array of experiences this beautiful country offers. The fact that you can always find something new to discover is one of the reasons why he enjoys traveling to this country so much. If you are planning your first trip or are looking for new experiences on an upcoming trip, he suggests you visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Lake National District Park. These are some of his favorite places, and he hopes you enjoy them as much as he does. 


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