Scrubs Magazine’s Ethics and Codes policy:

We uphold the highest level of ethical standards when producing content. It is essential that all who participate in developing our content – authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers are committed to these standards.


Our journalists uphold the highest standard when reporting on news in the medical field. If we are to cite any data driven journals or statements, our fact checking team must ensure that these statements are correct and the writers must ensure that sources are linked in the article itself.

We may occasionally re-publish another authors piece of work if we have an agreement with them, or they have pitched the story to us and asked us to re-publish.


Advertisers cannot pay to have an article removed. We may occasionally post sponsored lists or recommended businesses in a certain field or location. If this is part of a sponsorship package, it will clearly be labeled on the article or promotion.

Scrubs Magazine is owned and operated by the Careismatic Brands, Inc group. As such, some advertisers may not be able to promote their brand on Scrubs Magazine due to a conflict of interest. An example of this may be a competing scrubs clothing brand.

No pornographic material is allowed on Scrubs Magazine.

Some articles may be sponsored by our inhouse brands. When this happens, the article will be clearly marked as an advertorial or a sponsored article.