First Response: What Nurses Need to Know About Car Accident Injuries


Nurses are at the heart of the medical industry. Not only do they provide their extensive knowledge and assistance for all kinds of situations, but they also sit with patients, talk to patients, and care for them through the long haul. The dedication and hard work of nurses deserve to be celebrated.

One aspect that can be challenging for nurses and anyone in the medical field is having to deal with car accident injuries. These can range in severity and the circumstances surrounding them can be difficult to navigate, especially if negligence or fault of a motorist contributed to the incident. Nurses are experts when it comes to healing, health, and the care of patients, but what do they need to know when it comes to car accidents? Delve into a few details of this important topic right here.

If a Nurse Happens to Be a Bystander or Observe an Accident

Because accidents often occur at dangerous intersections or at various areas of freeways or highways, it can be very dangerous to add additional bystanders to the mix. Nurses are trained to help, but one of the best things nurses can do if they pass or notice an accident is to call 911 and give a clear, calm description of the location and the accident or incident they’ve observed.

Have Thorough Care Plans for Accident Victims

If a patient’s injury or illness can be pinpointed when they arrive at the hospital or ER, it can make it easier to treat them. Because of so many variables, unknowns, and the potential for internal injury involved with a car accident, more extensive care and evaluation plans may be needed. Nurses may create or follow car accident care plans that involve primary and secondary assessments, as well as musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, skin/soft tissue, cardiovascular, renal, and hepatic function. In addition, nurses may evaluate pain and psychosocial factors. Based on these various areas, nurses can help care for the patient and give information about the types of injuries they’ve sustained.

Continuing to Monitor Patients Involved in a Car Accident Is Critical

The number of factors involved in a car incident can leave many unknowns, and it’s recommended that even once patients are stable or appear to have stable vital signs, they continue to be monitored. Because trauma like car accidents can cause rapid deterioration, ongoing monitoring is an important part of patient care and prevention. Along with being aware of their age and general health condition, monitoring their mental status and any changes can be important.

Asking Questions Is Essential

Since car accident victims may also be disoriented after an accident, continuing to ask questions can help establish any and all medical issues. Nurses may want to make sure to ask thorough questions, ask if things have changed during the course of the person’s care, and may even need to repeat questions, especially if patients experience confusion. Being able to recognize any potential medical issues as a result of the accident can be helpful for the patient’s immediate and ongoing care. This is also important in case there uncommon conditions to consider.

Medical Records Can Be Important for Car Accident Cases

Another area to be aware of is that the medical records that document a patient’s injuries can be important documents in car accident cases. These will indicate the type and severity of the injuries, which can not only assist forensics personnel in determining exactly what happened but also ensure that the facts of injuries are brought to light should a case be involved. It can help show the relationship between the accident and the patient’s injuries, as well as establish any need for continuing care. Medical records can also demonstrate the costs and or/potential costs a patient’s injuries might incur as a result of the accident. Dates and times are also part of the documentation that can be useful, and all of these can be key details in a case.

Legal Professionals Can Help When There Are Medical Issues Due to Car Accidents

Since laws can differ depending on the location, those who have had injuries as a result of a car accident should consider finding a lawyer in their area who specializes in these types of incidents. Just as a car wreck attorney in Nashville will be well-versed in Tennessee laws and the types of accidents and injuries that may occur in the area, a lawyer in Chicago or Minneapolis will be particularly knowledgeable about those states’ laws and types of accidents. While nurses play a major role in helping car accident patients, those who have been in an accident can also be proactive in seeking justice for their situation.


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