Healthcare Workers Deserve Relaxation: CBD Bath Bombs to the Rescue


If you’re a healthcare worker or know somebody employed in this sphere, you surely know what feeling really tired means. Nurses and medical doctors often spend 24+ hours at a hospital during their shifts, and that time is not limited to chatting with colleagues, drinking coffee, or filling out reports. As a rule, the healthcare worker’s shifts are filled with human suffering and pain, urgent need to help and save lives, and even failures to do so. 

Needless to say, healthcare workers’ jobs are both emotionally and physically draining. Once you come home after a hard shift at work, you may be physically exhausted, stressed, and absolutely empty. What can bring you back to life?

A hot bath is a good recipe for quick revival and high-quality relaxation after hard work. Bathing has been known since ancient times as a way to relax muscles, calm nerves, and unwind for a good night’s sleep. Baths can be enhanced with essential oils and bath salts to increase the relaxing potential. The best thing about the modern bathing product market is that some bath salts come enriched with CBD – a hemp-derived non-toxic cannabinoid that helps with pain and anxiety relief. Thus, bath salts with CBD are a top recommendation for tired and stressed healthcare workers, and here I’ll show you why. 

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a world-known component of marijuana responsible for most of this plant’s healing properties. In the old times, users appreciating those properties had to consume CBD in tandem with the intoxicating THC. However, modern science has allowed CBD isolation from the hemp plant, and users interested in gentle, non-intoxicating effects of CBD on their bodies and nervous systems can use a variety of CBD-enriched products. The value of CBD for health is undeniable; it covers the following: 

  • Pain management; 
  • Stress relief;
  • Anxiety and depression; 
  • PTSD; 
  • Diabetic complications; 
  • Skin allergies and rashes; 
  • Epilepsy-related seizures; 
  • Insomnia, and so much more. 

Thus, given that CBD is not intoxicating and can be used at any time of the day, it’s definitely worth considering for healthcare workers operating under stress every day.

CBD Oil Bath Salts: A Quick Intro 

Just like with a regular hot bath, you are sure to enjoy an evening ritual of full-body relaxation and stress relief by adding a bath bomb with CBD to your bathtub. The CBD and Epsom salt typically included in these problems do their jobs to heal your body and mind, soothe the jumping thoughts, and give you better preparation for a top-quality night’s sleep. Here’s why people love CBD bath bombs and add them to their skincare and wellness routines: 

  • CBD bath bombs allow users to feel full-body relaxation;
  • CBD brings quick and potent stress relief and takes away anxiety; 
  • The users often report pleasant feelings of mind and body purification;
  • CBD exercises its healing properties;
  • CBD is gentle and beneficial for the human skin, from dry to normal to irritated. 

Thus, by adding CBD to your bath, you can enjoy two benefits. On the one hand, you take a bath and undergo a ritual of purification and self-care. On the other hand, you get tangible therapeutic benefits from CBD for skin, nerves, and muscles.  

How to Make CBD Bath Salt on Your Own? 

If you’re thinking of where to buy CBD bath salts, I recommend visiting only certified dispensaries and online stores. It’s the only way to be confident in the product’s quality and purity of all ingredients the manufacturer used in the bath salt bomb. You can check the list of CBD bath bombs currently topping the list of reliable, recommended products or google “CBD bath salts near me” to choose the one to your liking or make a DIY bath bomb with a few simple ingredients. 

The components you’ll need are: 

  • A bowl for mixing the ingredients;
  • A mold in which your bath bombs will dry; 
  • 1 cup of baking soda;
  • 0.5 cups of citric acid and Epsom salt;
  • 2.5 tablespoons of high-quality coconut oil;
  • Up to 0.3 g of CBD powder or oil.

Once you prepare all the components and equipment, it’s time to mix everything into a bomb. First, warm up the coconut oil and dissolve the CBD powder or oil in it so that you get an even texture. Then, you should mix all dry ingredients in a separate bowl to ensure even ingredient distribution. Once it’s done, combine the oil and dry ingredients in the bowl and mix everything well so that the CBD-infused oil spreads throughout. Now the mix is ready for putting into the mold. Store the molds in a cool, dry place to let them take shape. The final step is to remove the bombs from molds, wrap them in paper or other decorative material (if you plan to present them to a friend), and store the bombs in a dry place for use. 

CBD and Drug Tests 

Many healthcare workers refuse the treat of a CBD-infused bath because of positive drug test concerns. It’s an essential aspect of CBD consumption, as healthcare workers deal with human health and lives, so they can’t afford to get to work stoned or take intoxicating substances in the workplace at the moment of acute stress or pressure. So, does CBD come with a risk of a positive drug test? No, if you don’t use full-spectrum CBD bath salts. Talking about full-spectrum CBD means that your CBD extract contains a rich profile of terpenes, cannabinoids, and a small amount of THC (up to 0.3%). Still, this meager percentage can show up at the drug tests, threatening your career. Thus, I recommend using broad-spectrum or isolate CBD in bath salts, which are devoid of THC and bring no risk of positive drug testing. 

Final Word 

Saving human lives is a noble and respectable profession, but it often takes a toll on the healthcare worker’s life quality. I sincerely believe in the power of CBD to bring the full-body relaxation and peace of mind that any healthcare employee needs after a hard-working shift. So, there is no reason to refuse CBD bath bombs, as they can enhance the power of hot water and relaxing salt to unwind, forget all day’s troubles, and get ready for the next day full of heroic deeds. 

This material was prepared by Lana Braslavskaia, a writer at AskGrowers, interested in the cannabis industry and the exciting lot of self-healing opportunities it provides. Lana is dedicated to spreading word of mouth about cannabis’s benefits and value for human health and wellness. 


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