2022 holiday gift guide



Hi, we’re Bloire.

We create essentials for cats and the hoomans.

We are the lifestyle brand for you and your cat. With a curated collection of cat accessories and a strong community, we are on a mission to redefine what it means to be a “cat parent.”

Our brand-new toy collection

Upgrade playtime by snatching our brand-new toy collection. Each toy is made of natural cotton and infused with catnip to make the fun last for hours. Thoughtfully designed to heighten engagement and to look good in your home. This toy bundle is the perfect holiday gift for any cat parent in your life.


Link to toy collection : https://bloire.com/collections/toy-collection

Link to the toy bundle: https://bloire.com/products/toy-bundle-indoor-fishing

Link to website: https://bloire.com/


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