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The Dooloop dog leash accessory helps you walk your dog with ease with this simple must-have hands-free eco-friendly solution that secures to your leash carrying a bag of your doggies “doo” saving you from carrying it for miles to the nearest trash can. The Dooloop team wants all dog owners to enjoy the path ahead with a little more freedom with their innovative dog poop holder added as a leash accessory. The Dooloop is made with non-toxic, BPA free, recycled/recyclable plastic, has zero-waste packaging and is assembled by hand. Sold as single colors or check out the TRIOS as that way you have one for your leash at home and in the car and one to share with a friend to pay it forward.

Check out all 7 colors on their site.

Made in the USA.

https://thedooloop.com/ and retailers nationwide.


Ethel Studio Lavender Eye Pillow

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