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Micro Cotton Eco-Friendly Towels


Micro Cotton is the first brand to develop plush towels with superb absorbency, providing spa-like comfort. In addition to being luxurious, Micro Cotton towels are sustainably made without sacrificing quality. Not only does Micro Cotton use clean, green, and renewable energy and recycled and sustainable cotton, but Micro Cotton created its own waste management system to recover and reuse 98.5% of water in its towel production process. This allows them to make 89 towels with the amount of water it takes other towel manufacturers to make one towel. No other towel brand has as high of a level of sustainable practices.

Micro Cotton has recently launched the “Powder Room Pledge”, offering tips on how to reduce the amount of water we use in the bathroom. Learn more at PowderRoomPledge.com.


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