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Mimaami Organics


Mimaami Organics’ skin care products are made from all-natural ingredients that are clean, safe, affordable and ethically sourced from female producers in Ghana. Their cruelty-free and skin-healing moisturizes come in three natural scents including grapefruit, cocoa vanilla and lavender. The lightweight body butter provides maximum hydration, locking in moisture yet it is light and fluffy with a non-greasy formula – perfect for daily use. Mimaami Organics is safe for all skin-types, including those who may suffer from eczema and even newborns. Mimaami means my mother in Ghana, where the founder is from. She sources the shea butter directly from West Africa and ensures that the women earn 30% higher than the minimum wage in Ghana which helps improve their livelihood. More information at mimaamiorganics.com and available on Amazon.


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