2022 holiday gift guide

Rainy Day Boxes


Rainy Day Boxes include four handpicked gifts that are paired with a note related to the gift and intended to make them feel loved and encouraged. Maybe it’s someone who can’t come home for the holidays, or for someone who recently experienced loss of a loved one or pet, or even those suffering infertility or a divorce. When someone we care about experiences a struggle or tragedy, we’re often at a loss for how to help. Flowers, cards, and meals are the most common ways to show up. They’re all valuable and helpful, but they arrive on the giver’s timeline (ie, when they think about doing something) and don’t recognize the long timeline that grief has—the pain continues well beyond the initial months when those gifts arrive. Each Rainy Day Box is carefully curated to contain thoughtful and beautiful gifts that are individually packaged and meant to be opened over time. Inside each one is a message that acknowledges that day’s struggle but conveys strong and inspiring words of hope and love. All of the gifts included in Rainy Day Boxes are sourced from artisans across the US, with an emphasis on female-run businesses.


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