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RekMed Planners


RekMed’s mission is to provide the medical community with high-quality educational planners to assist in organization and learning while giving back to future medical professionals. The brand believes that all information is able to be taught, but it is how the information is provided that will make the difference.


The founder Jennifer Zahourek, BSN-RN, struggles with dyslexia and ADHD since grade school that allows her to relate first-hand to the difficulties students can face while studying. When COVID-19 sidelined her nursing career, she put her skills to good use by creating planners targeted at students and practicing nurses in the field. Her passion has gone a long way in the success of the brand in a short period of time. Jennifer started with 500 planners out of her garage at the beginning of the pandemic to now passing the $2 million mark and operating a nurse founded company within 18 months!


Having served in high-stress trauma situations, Jennifer is the perfect candidate to guide future nurses in what to expect. In addition to giving back to the community with her planners, she also is dedicated to creating scholarships for individuals that are in difficult socioeconomic situations to assist in an education towards a medical profession (sought out through the assistance of social and caseworkers). She also is working to set up a medical field shadowing program for youth and student nurses in the near future along with changing the nurse culture.


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