2022 holiday gift guide



SodaPup Collection of durable products encourage playtime and also independence for your dog at home sweet home with a variety of safe toys. This year they have also been busy continuing to create new durable toys, new rubber treat dispensers, new nylon chew toys with Lick Enrichment mats called “e-mats” and two new enrichment products that they call “e-coins” and “e-trays”. They have a Blue Whale, Yellow Duckies, Pink Flower Power and Green Jigsaw to name a few of the Lick e-mats. Check out the new Unstoppables – tiny stopper stands that work well with the SodaPup Treat Dispensers. You can also count-on SodaPup to unleash a variety of colorful fun-seasonal shaped items coming up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more as well. 

Check out all collections online by toy type/material type as well.

Made in the USA.

https://sodapup.com/, retailers nationwide and Amazon.


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