2022 holiday gift guide

The ToDo Game


The ToDo Game is a card game for families with editions for children, parents and grandparents, couples and newlyweds! The game is all about bringing people together, and spending quality time that is free from digital distractions. The card games are easy to play—just pick a random card out of the box and follow the instructions. Each activity takes between 20 minutes to an hour and can be played over and over again. For example, the “Happy Hands” card asks family members to trace their hand on a sheet of paper, take a few moments and think of five things that make you really happy and love to do the most. Then, write these down on the five fingers of your hand and share it out loud. When you are finished, you can hang this on your wall or refrigerator. The couple’s edition helps plan out-of-the-box date nights or fun, bonding cooking experiences! The toddler cards focus on sensory play and early childhood development activities. More information and available for purchase at thetodogame.com and Uncommon Goods.


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