How to Help the Brain Reset after a Busy Day


Winding down after a long, busy day is often one of the hardest things humans have to face. Busy days can be stressful and in order to get some rest at the end of one, your brain has to reset. Finding ways to reset is the only way to avoid extreme anxiety, exhaustion, and other complications. There are lots of ways you can make this happen, and this article explores some of the best ones.

Unwind with a Game

You may want to consider unwinding with a game. It would have to be the right game, of course. No action, no tension, and nothing that requires too much concentration. That is what makes word games the perfect solution. They stimulate the brain into a singular focus, there is no tension, especially when playing alone, and they are just generally a gentle method of winding down. You can even use an online word unscrambler so that there is no need to stress about finding words. You can expend less energy on conjugating your own and more energy on just enjoying an easy-going activity.

Self-Care Pamper Session

Anyone is worthy of a pamper session, and they are so easy to set up at home too. A home-based self-care regime doesn’t have to be extravagant, and sometimes an act as simple as washing your face and taking a bath is the perfect answer to support a brain reset. If you did want to make things more special, other DIY pamper ideas are a plug-in foot spa, a pedicure or manicure, a face mask, or some mediation.

Meditation or Yoga

Meditation is intended for relaxation and enabling the brain to unwind or refocus. It is a deeply relaxing activity tailored toward reconnecting with your mind and body. Similarly, yoga is a gentle form of exercise based on stretching and soft movement, and the two can be combined complementarily. Both yoga and meditation, or the two combined, are active stress reducers and combat anxiety, all factors which enable a better ability to relax.

Read a Book

Reading remains one of the go-to activities to unwind after a busy day. Curling up with a book and getting lost in the imagination or absorbed by a compelling non-fiction series does wonder for the mind. If you can’t face the physical act of reading, there are always audiobook options that don’t require much effort except listening, and most books are available in this format.

Watch a Movie

If your brain needs something more slow-paced than reading, try switching on the TV and watching a movie or a favorite show. Despite blue light screens like laptops or tablets interfering with sleep, there is still value in winding down with an easy watch.

Cook a Balanced Meal

You could also cook a balanced meal or go out to eat somewhere. Food can be a solo engagement or a group venture. Whether it is done at home, or in a restaurant is not important; the point is to ensure at least a few times a week that your brain is getting the right nutrients and vitamins to stay functioning and healthy. The second point is around the act of eating or socializing which is one of the best ways to reset your brain and take a pause. Often, the last thing we want to do at the end of a busy day is to cook a meal, but it is essential. Try throwing in some brain superfoods to give yourself even more of a boost, like fish or nuts.

This guide has shown you six methods for unwinding and resetting the brain after a busy day. They are simple acts, yet they are majorly effective in the right context.


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