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Infinity: it is everything, and then some. So it’s no surprise that their scrub line from Cherokee fits the part to a T, or a V (neck). From the work you do, to the workwear you buy, every last aspect of this line has been fine-combed and pressed to perfection. When you shop online at, your order is automatically routed to the scrubs retailer nearest you, and shipped from their store. Hello, clickable convenience. Way to not put small businesses out of business! This smart, sustainable model is the work of a few genius minds over at CBI.

Infinity and Beyond.

When we say thought through, we mean it.
When you buy online at, the sale is channeled to the nearest scrub retailer to you and shipped from their store.

These scrubs’ low-maintenance, high-performance appeal is everything Infinity’s parent company, Careismatic Brands, is known for. Antimicrobial, 4-way stretch and pockets aplenty.

Functionality through the roof, ticking every box on healthcare professionals’ must-have list.

Style and size-wise, the options are undeniably inclusiveAnd they’ve got shades for days, tones for every ‘tude.

Heavenly hues from blissful to bright, lemon to lilac, boost your look and brighten your (and your) patients’ day. A scrubs urban legend says that this lemon hue has turned the toughest 95-year-old patients into purring pussy cats. (We can’t confirm, though one nurse really did tell us that;). Then you have the prints, from playful and polka-dotted to color-popping cool, with jackets and shoes to edge out the ensemble. Perfect pieces for “I woke up like this” posts.

We compiled a gallery of Infinity’s Fall collection below.

Take a peek and let us know in the comments what are your favorites.


New Mens Prints

First of a Kind:

Collars and Short Sleeves

More Colors

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