Kishor Wasan Reviews Why Pharmacists Are So Important for Patient Safety


Kishor Wasan reviewed why Pharmacists are so important for patient safety.

Today, medicine is more of a team sport than it has ever been in the past. Many know doctors and nurses work together closely to provide exceptional care to every patient. Still, there are lots of other healthcare professionals who play critical roles as well. This includes the pharmacist, who plays an essential role in patient safety. Professor Kishor Wasan is here to ensure that everyone understands why pharmacists are so important for patient safety.

The Pharmacist Prevents an Overdose

First, one of the biggest reasons pharmacists are so important is that they can prevent an overdose. When a doctor orders a medication, he or she has to indicate the dose; however, it is important to pick the right dose. Sometimes, doctors can get distracted and order the wrong dose. Or, they might not even realize that weight-based dosing is required, which is critical in the pediatric population. The pharmacist can look at the medication and dose and ensure an overdose has not been ordered. According to Professor Kishor Wasan, this is one of the most important jobs of the pharmacist.

The Pharmacist Can Compound Medication

There are some situations where the medication has to be made. It might not come in a formulation ready to be administered when taken out of the box. According to Professor Kishor Wasan, the pharmacist also knows how to compound medication. This means that the pharmacist is responsible for taking the individual ingredients and mixing them. Then, the pharmacist can give the medication to the doctor or nurse to administer. The pharmacist ensures the medication has been formulated safely and properly. 

The Pharmacist Is a Line of Defense for Interactions and Allergies

Finally, according to Professor Kishor Wasan, the pharmacist is also an important line of defense against medication interactions and allergies. The doctor might not always have updated patient information on allergies, and the doctor might not be aware of certain types of medicines that might not be allowed to be given together. The pharmacist has specialized training and can double-check all of the medications that have been ordered against not only each other but also the patient’s allergies. This is critical for preventing adverse reactions from taking place. Of course, the pharmacist is always available to answer any questions from the medical team about which medications can or cannot be given in conjunction with one another.

The Future of Medicine Is a Team Sport

These are just a few of the most important reasons pharmacists are so important for patient safety. It is critical for patients and medical professionals to lean on pharmacists when they have questions about medications and dosing. Professor Kishor Wasan is a medical professional who has spent a long time educating others about the importance of pharmacists and patient safety. As medicine becomes more specialized, it will continue to lean on the team approach to ensure that patients get the care they need. Pharmacists will be an important part of that moving forward.


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