Nurses, we read every single letter you send to us. And we get so many lovely messages from you that we thought we’d share them.

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After 6 years of attending school (off and on) I made the decision to change my major (yet again) and become a nurse. A nurse midwife to be exact! I know I have a long road ahead of me and it doesn’t help that I have very little support on my journey. I do, however, have drive and determination; not to mention 2 pint size motivators (my 2 kids). And now, having found Scrubs magazine, I feel like I have that extra support to help me along the way! This magazine really has changed my outlook on Nursing school and has given me an extra feeling of confidence that I didn’t have before. I absolutely LOVE the website. The articles, tips, and tools are always right on time and very informative. I love to read the comments of the more experienced nurses also as I learn so much from them! I can honestly say I take away something from every single inch of this site as well as the magazine!

Thank you Scrubs for being my ‘big sister’ in nursing! – Adriennie Hull, Nursing Student

Finally a magazine about REAL nurses and our REAL lives. – Patricia LVN/LPN Sanford, FL

The stories and suggestions are honest and direct without undermining the nursing profession. Things are presented in a positive manner and it seems as if someone plucked issues/questions right out of my head! – Monica CNA Albuquerque, NM

It had all different topics that I could relate to: stress, how to say no, being a nurse and a wife, etc. I read it cover to cover and I never do that with magazines! – Lauren ASN/BSN Oak Brook, IL

Being a nurse for over 35 yrs it was the most refreshing piece of nursing material that I couldn’t put down.I kept wanting more! It is the first magazine that is right on target for nurses giving informative yet realistic stuff for our lives. The meat n potatoes kind of deal not to long just enough information. Especially since we do not have a lot of time! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to wind down with, refresh,learn but yet enjoy ! Keep up the Great Job 🙂 – MaryAnn ADN/BSN Burnie, MD

It’s for me! I’ve been a nurse for only three years, but it its home for me. From sex life to aching feet. This magazine feels me. – Dana AND/BSN Pearland, TX

Everything in the magazine involves nursing. The stories are extraordinary, the advertising is nursing geared and the overall information is geared for nurses. I may not have thought I would be interested until I began reading it and then I was hooked. Thanks for the great mag. – Sandy ADN/BSN Festus, MI

It had a lot of great articles and several tips that were awesome! They also included a website in the magazine that I was able to get free nursing stuff from (magnets, helpful computer program, etc). I even like the advertisements! First Scrubs magazine I have read and now I want every new issue. – Raychel Nursing assistant Towson, MD

I am a student nurse soon to be graduating in May and lately I have been keeping my eye out for a magazine that could be a resource to me as a R.N.. This magazine has the IT factor! The content is relevant, fun and educational. The magazine is also affordable which makes one more reason I will be subscribing. – Megan Sand Springs, MT

I am a new nurse and it was wonderful to read all the good advice, from fashion, to stress, to faith you have covered it all! – Anna LVN/LPN East Wenatchee, WA

The articles were very interesting and easy to read – Nice format – Living This Life scrubs has a new customer!! – Patricia ADN/BSN Cornelius, NC

Really had alot of useful information within the articles. It’s probably the only nursing magazine that I have ever read in its entirety. – Debbie AND/BSN Lexigton, TN

I just received an issue of your magazine with my order, and I love your magazine! – Jessica Slates

There are many articles that are pertinant to ALL nurses.The articles range from humorous to serious and allow us to learn,think and laugh.The quizes help gain knowledge of subjects we see rarely. Keep up the good work! Oh, yes, the many different types of scrubs are fun to browse. – Christine Donathan, Alabama ADN/BSN

I loved the magazine! I’m a Pediatric Urgent Care Nurse and loved reading relavent articles to my profession. Really loved Where is God When Tragedy Strikes and How to Say No to Overload!!! -Tara LVN/LPN Escondido, CA

It has a lot of useful info on a variety of everyday living subjects. There are short and to the point articles or blurbs, which is easy and saves time for the reader because nurses are not only busy with work and home things, but have a lot of required (or highly recommended) reading to stay current in practice, so the short pieces are very easy to read and much appreciated. I just love that compared to all the other health and beauty mags out there, this one is especially geared for nurses knowing our work demands, paycheck limits, and special needs! – Melissa ADN/BSN Henderson, KY

It is a refreshing change from the old AJN, Nursing, Nursing Spectrum, Advance, etc. Nursing is a profession where we are always learning and studying, keeping ourselves informed of new drugs, technology, etc. Scrubs has all that plus remembers that we are people… and we do have lives outside of our work. I enjoy the beauty, fashion, diet, light comedy. I feel relaxed reading this as opposed to the above. I often complete those feeling inadequate about myself; I should take this course, why didn’t I take that course?! Life is so complicated, and I feel that Scrubs recognizes that. I even gave a copy to my daughter in law, who recently changed careers and is now an RN. She too, told me she enjoyed it and didn’t feel threatened reading it like the other magazines. Nothing is worse than a scared new grad. I think this may have helped her relax and feel more confident about her new job. Thanks for recognizing us after all these years! – Maryann ADN/BSN Bayside, NY

Several of the articles directly dealt with issues that I’ve been dealing with, or that my friends from work have been dealing with. One article in particular was the one about why nurses get fat. One of my friends at work is having a hard time with this, and patients bring in a ton of goodies, so I was able to discuss some tips with her which was very helpful and encouraging! – Erin Albany, NY

Great articles diverse, fun layout, great for any age, gender – Liz Petaluma, CA

Speaks to the nurse as a person – issues we deal with in our daily lives – at work and at home – Paula ADN/BSN Lake Charles, LA

It wasn’t at all what I expected!!! There were awesome articles and information in it!!! Not like any other mag I’ve read pertaining to the nursing profession….I read it from cover to cover!!!!! – Stacey LVN/LPN Allentown, PA

All of the articles are appropriate, timely and well written. I was very pleasantly surprised to find this magazine in my scrubs order. – Paula Lincoln, NB

Oh my gosh! This is the first magazine in a LONG time that I have read cover to cover. All the tidbits were pertinent to my life, my job, my values, ect. Also, as a mentor to other nurses there were many articles that addresses issues (like self care) that we don’t talk about much. – Cassandra ADN/BSN Lafayette, LA

The articles are interesting and educational. Also, the scrubs pictured are available at my local uniform supplier. – Michele RN Houston, PA

Had information I had never thought or read about before – Anne AND/BSN So Sioux City, NE

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