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Nurse Leaps into Action to Help Swimmer Survive Shark Attack


Christina Barker, a pediatric ICU nurse at Stormont Vail, was on a youth group mission trip in Monterey Bay, California, when she noticed a swimmer in distress. They were in the water when they were attacked by a 17-foot great white shark.

Christina directed fellow group sponsor Brian Mays, along with a doctor who also was at the beach, to apply pressure to the swimmer’s abdomen, and they used the towels and t-shirts as tourniquets on other areas of a wound that stretched from the lower leg through his midsection to his arm.

Christina credits her training at Baker University School of Nursing and her experience responding to trauma situations with Stormont’s team for preparing her to take action.

Christina says she feels like the lucky one. She says Bruemmer’s wife sends regular updates on his progress.


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