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Nurse Shares Secrets for When a Baby is Ugly


Nurses are known for their bedside manner. They help patients feel safe and heard using their words and body language.

But what happens when a nurse runs out of nice things to say?

A nurse on TikTok revealed that she and some of the nurses she works with often use code words when referring to babies that aren’t exactly made for TV.

Miki Rai from Seattle, Washington, said that nurses are trained on how to deliver the news to parents if their newborn is not attractive.

According to Rai, the training that a nurse undergoes from the preceptor, which is a nurse educator, is to tell the parents that their newborn looks just like them if the baby is unattractive.

Rai also revealed in the video that she does not follow the training that she underwent because she believes that every baby is cute and adorable.

@mikiraiofficial #stitch with @aimeelco personally I think the baby is real cute 🥹 #nurse #baby #babies ♬ original sound – Miki Rai

However, Rai also said that she knows some nurses that actually follow the training, and they even tell the parents that their newborn is cute if the baby looks beautiful.

The post immediately went viral and has gained almost 650,000 views.

Many netizens also commented on the post, saying that they have experienced the same thing.

A user named jessicaflorence13 said that her dad told her that she looked like an alien when she was born.

Another user named cindy_wagner commented that her dad told her that she looked like a monkey when she was born.

belmarsilva said that she was told that she looked like a frog when she was born.

A lot of users also commented and said that it is fun to hear something like that.

However, some users stated that it is not okay to tell someone that their newborn looks ugly, even if it is a joke.


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