Nursing scholarships to consider in 2022


If people did not take nurses seriously in the past, they do now. The global pandemic has highlighted our need for these caregivers. A nurse will be at your bedside more than any doctor, and in the case of Covid, many nurses administered the treatment without oversight.

In addition, vaccine mandates resulted in thousands of professionals from any field quitting their jobs, as they refused to get vaccinated against their will. All of these things result in a giant deficit when it comes to nursing staff.

So, if you ever wanted to pursue this laudable profession, now is your chance. The following article will cover some points from the application process, as well as some third-party sources that can help in your application process.

Scholarship essays

“Scholarship” is a very broad and generalized term. The simplest definition is that it is a cash subsidy afforded to a student, in hopes of helping cover the student’s expenses.

However, the reason why these scholarships are afforded can vary. There are scholarships that target people from inner cities, or just women, exchange students, the disabled, or just those with outstanding academic results.

The application process can be as easy as sending your details, or, you may have to write a short scholarship essay or letter of intent.

This essay is important, as it will be your only chance to present your case.  You have one page to convince the selection committee that you deserve the extra help. Thankfully, there is hope, even if you’re a bad writer.

There are legit essay writing services that can handle any writing task. If you are unsure of your ability to be persuasive, be sure to buy a paper.

But where to buy a research paper, and is every site trustworthy? You have to look for the older, more established platforms that have a proven track record of success.

Examples of a few viable scholarships


Please consider that the scholarship does not have to say “nursing” for it to be viable. For example, “Tuition Solution” can apply to any hard science or nursing student. The total amount granted is 500USD, and all high school or home-schooled students are welcome to apply.

For a more specific nursing scholarship, you can research the HCC @AMN Healthcare Scholarship Essay Contest.  People from LA, OC, and San Diego can apply freely. Since this is an essay contest, a great emphasis will be placed on your persuasive writing skills.

You can draw inspiration or just pay for an example, just make sure that you do not plagiarize. If accepted, the grant will be 3000 USD. However, take into account that you will be attending school in California, where that amount of money is akin to pocket change.

My BioSource also has a scholarship for STEM majors, offering 1000 USD to aspiring students. High school and college students are eligible.

Listing every scholarship would just be a waste of space, considering that you can look these up on your own. There are other options, and you can find them all here.

Also, you can visit the site Bold.org. They have filters for everything. You can select your education level, the amount from the scholarship, your education background, and many other factors. You can even opt out of essay scholarships if having to write an essay is an impediment for you.

Do not see the scholarship essay as a burden

Most likely, the donors or selection committee will see all applicant names in an Excel spreadsheet. They will not know you, or your story. You will just be another entry to them, and others will have similar grades and backgrounds.

I know that having to provide a scholarship essay is a bit of extra work that you did not ask for. However, you should see it as a blessing. For the time that it takes to read a page, you will have a donor’s full attention. These are busy people and that occasion is rare.

My advice would be to seize that opportunity, and not waste any words.

Future prospects for nurses

In general, it is a bad idea to pick a career based on the whims of the market. Something can be in demand today and have a bubble-like crash tomorrow. Some potential students may ask:

“Sure, there is a massive need for nurses right now due to the pandemic, but will I still be needed in 10 years’ time? What about 20 years? Can I do this job for the rest of my life, and expect a decent standard of living?”

The short answer is yes. Sure, the COVID crisis may be temporary, but most other problems are generational. They weren’t caused overnight, and they won’t vanish overnight.

American Baby Boomers are the richest and most politically powerful generation of people in human history. They will live the longest, and their needs and voting patterns drive most of the US’s politics.

And almost all baby boomers have retired. We have a historic number of retired people over 65 years old. More than 70 million Americans will need some form of care. And given that western people often frown upon living with elderly relatives, most of that care will be given by nurses and retirement homes, not their families.

In case you were worrying about stability when it comes to nursing, this situation should put you at ease. In the short term, we have Covid, and in the long term, we have the oldest population in human history whose care is often subsidized by the government.

By pursuing a nursing degree and scholarship, you will benefit from a degree of job security that others can only dream of.


The economy is growing more and more unstable. And, unlike in the past, you can’t just run to another country to escape problems on your own. Our current problems are global.

Thankfully, nursing is an island of stability in this new, ever-unstable world. Politics will change, and tax policies will come and go, but you will still have a job.

If you are considering this career path and are considering applying for a scholarship, be sure to analyze all of your options. There are many scholarships, but the ones worth your time are those that require essay entries.

Otherwise, you will just be a name on the list. An essay increases your chances to stand out, to be noticed and remembered.


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