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Patient Sings Lizzo with Her Nurse to Stay Calm During CAT Scan in Adorable TikTok


Going in for a high-tech scan can be intimidating for many patients, including young children who are often separated from their parents during the procedure. Providers encourage their patients to remain calm when going through the machine. Some listen to music, while others take a sedative.

But one young patient was “feelin’ good as hell!” during her most recent brain scan. The nurse caught her singing Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” during the medical imaging test, so he picked up his phone and captured the sweet moment on video.


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♬ original sound – Allaina Maria

“When your patient is singing to herself and you can’t help yourself…” the nurse caption the post.

The clip ends with the male nurse singing along to the well-known tune, flipping his hair and checking his nails just like in the song.

It was particularly heartwarming to see such a young patient belt out the lyrics: “’If he don’t love you anymore / Just walk your fine a** out the door.”

Devon, the nurse in question, made the video while working at a hospital in Michigan. He posted it to his private account @daddy_saurus on TikTok before the video started appearing around the web.

The moment sparked a lot of joy on social media where the video currently has over 11 million views. Thousands of happy commenters shared their appreciation in the thread.

“Lizzo, your music [is] bringing comfort to lil queens everywhere,” someone commented. 

“Lizzo is therapy!” another wrote.

Some people were surprised by the girl’s ability to belt out the tune all while undergoing treatment.

“It’s great that she is sick and in a scary situation and still singing her happy heart out!” wrote an admirer.

“She’s comforting herself; that’s so sweet,” added another. “This is amazing!” 

“That’s the best thing I have heard in a long time!” a woman commented.

Others praised the little trooper for being smart enough to calm herself down. “Hoping that baby is good as hell!” a concerned person wrote.


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