Nurse Confessions

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Do “new nurses” scare you, too?

I’m finding more and more ‘newer’ nurses who think they know everything. And I cannot shake the feeling that the ‘newer’ nurses scare me just a little.

Nurse Confessions! Part II

Nurse Confessions! Part II

Some are wild. Some are heartbreaking. Click through, vote, and see how many nurses share your experiences!

Nurse Confessions! Part V

Nurse Confessions! Part V

Nurses keep sharing, so we’ll keep the game going! Play an online version of the deliciously fun college game, “Never have I ever…” and see what other secret confessions your fellow nurses are revealing.

Secret things nurses REALLY think

Secret things nurses REALLY think

Nurse Agatha confesses some of the non-nursey thoughts that sneak into her brain, like, “Sometimes I don’t like you very much.”

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Things your patients won’t tell you

Honesty is the best policy — but do YOU tell your doc the whole truth when you go in for an examination? Neither do your patients.

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Nurse confessions!

Play the revealing and deliciously fun game that exposes (with PURE anonymity) some of a nurse’s craziest situations.

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Confessions of a nursing student hoarder

I have something to confess: I don’t know how to throw my nursing school notes away.

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5 embarrassing new nurse mistakes

Nurses make mistakes. Lots of them. Most of the time we catch ’em before they become a big deal. Here are 5 unforgettable scenarios from the files of Agatha.

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What do doctors want? “Mind readers”

What do doctors want? Read the back and forth between our favorite ER Doc and our favorite sassy RN.

Nurse confessions! Part III

Nurse confessions! Part III

On the heels of our wildly popular, somewhat controversial series Never Have I Ever (Part I and Part II), we bring you another sequel.

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You did what? (Or, the weirdest injuries my coworkers and I have sustained)

I’m here to tell you stories, my Chickadees, of the most amazingly random things I’ve ever seen anybody, including myself, do.

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The nurse curse – how do you help when you feel helpless?

Once you become a nurse, everyone turns to you for answers. But when you don’t know everything it can be frustrating and kind of sad.

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Some cheese with my whine?

Confession: I’m a complainer. I realized this the other day when, after griping about my overnight shift, my husband, who always has to listen to these gripes, said to me, “Amy, every shift is different but your complaints are always the same.”

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We’ve all had a patient like this…

We’ve all had patients that make us think, “If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one.” Here’s my top 5 annoying patient comments.


Things my coworkers don’t know about me

Nobody knows that on certain days I dance and lip-sync to old David Bowie music in the mirror at home, prior to putting on my makeup.