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Under stress and overwhelmed

Stress is ubiquitous in nursing—let’s face it, it’s part of the job description—so it’s easy to write off as something you just have to live with.

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Doctors love nurses

They may not express it often, but physicians do appreciate you—very much! It’s just nice to hear it again and again.

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Quiet, please!

Nobody needs to tune out chaos and key into calm more than a nurse. Here, many different–and delightful–de-stressors that will bring you peace of body and mind.

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Dear Nurse: Are you thanked enough?

Nursing is based on science, yes, but it’s also an emotional business, and there’s no greater reminder of that than when patients express their appreciation for your work….

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Nice job: Nursing off the beaten path

There are nurses who work at zoos and on cruise ships, nurses who act as consultants for the legal profession, forensic nurses who specialize in treating victims of violence, the list goes on! Here’s a list of some of the most interesting nursing professions we’ve heard of.

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Bouncing back from back pain

You’re helping a patient, when suddenly: “Oh, ^$#%@!” Now you’re the one in agony—but not for long. Here, from experts and nurses-who-know, smart strategies to go from down and out to up and about.

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