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Should nurses sign off of Facebook?

Some nurses have been a tad imprudent with their posts, divulging confidential information about patients and hospital happenings.

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Is technology making you bad at your nursing job?

Computers and smartphones have revolutionized our lives. But is the smartphone in your pocket REALLY making you more productive?

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WATCH: A nurse’s guide to using social media

Do any of these career-killing scenarios look familiar to you?

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A nursing student’s Christmas list

You know you’re a student nurse when your Christmas wish-list asks Santa for some scrubs, pens, and a good night’s sleep before clinical.

5 things your boss should not be

5 things your boss should not be

This week I had a big issue with a couple of my CNAs. I saw that on Facebook, one of the CNAs posted the “Top 5 things to being a good Boss” and “Top five things not to do as a boss.” These were obviously directed at me…

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Social media policies?

Are you aware there are actual policies and procedures out there regarding how nurses and other healthcare professionals conduct themselves on social media sites?

How (not) to use social networking

How (not) to use social networking

Recently I talked about a nurse who made some inappropriate posts to Facebook about this manager and the unit.

How close is too close?

How close is too close?

This nurse manager wonders how personal he should get with his staff.

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Email and texting etiquette for nurses

Here’s how to avoid the electronic faux pas that could harm your career or damage your credibility on the floor.

When social media bites back

When social media bites back

I heard rumors going around the hospital about a charge nurse on another unit that was posting negative remarks about his manager and unit on Facebook.

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Social networking can be the devil

Before you update your Facebook status or tweet your latest news, consider my “president’s rule.”

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Bringing the web to work

Something was amiss. No one was speaking. Heck, no one was even eating all the treats in the nurse’s station. Instead, everyone’s head was bent intently over desks and little clicking noises could be heard.

Facebook photo leads to dismissal from nursing school

It was bound to happen: Four students have been kicked out of nursing school after one posts a photo to Facebook.

How do I deal with socializing with co-workers?

Drinking with your colleagues isn’t like drinking with your friends on the weekend. The same rules just don’t apply.


A day in the life of a nurse with an iPhone

Ever wondered if a smartphone would make you more productive? This nurse says the answer is “Yes!”