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Fall 2011 Print Issue

Expressions: The color white

Julianna Paradisi, the RN and OCN, freely explores her emotions through blog posts as well as brushstrokes, drawing inspiration from her 24 years in pediatric intensive care and adult oncology.

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My 40-year love affair with nurses

When a lifelong patient looks back on how he’s survived various medical emergencies, it comes as no surprise that there isn’t a doctor in sight. But guess who turns up over and over again?

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Nice job: Nursing off the beaten path

There are nurses who work at zoos and on cruise ships, nurses who act as consultants for the legal profession, forensic nurses who specialize in treating victims of violence, the list goes on! Here’s a list of some of the most interesting nursing professions we’ve heard of.

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A spa day for nurses

How many people does it take to nurture a team of nurses? Dozens! Happily, we at Scrubs came together to treat these nurses to the indulgences they–and you–deserve.

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