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Hair Tips for Nurses

5 trendy hairstyles for every busy nurse

What are some creative, ideal styles for nurses who want to keep their hair from hanging down into their patients’ faces (not to mention your own)? Here, five great looks you can easily achieve. There’s something for every age and gender!

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Best haircuts and styles for a long shift

Many of you stuff it in and out of a cap throughout the day, you pull it back to get it out of your face, you clip it off your eyes, and then, at the end of your shift, you’re stuck with a ‘do you wouldn’t sport to a monster truck rally, let alone out on the town.

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10 style tips from the Head Nurse

I’m constantly asked by faithful readers, “How do you do such a demanding job while remaining a paragon of beauty and style?” Well, it’s not easy. Here, my ways to nail it.

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