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The dark side of the shift

Nurses: You can jumpstart your circadian rhythm to allow for easier transitions from the normalcy of day shift to the non-so-routine night shift.

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Supplements for nurses

From joint pain to the common cold, here are a list of supplements that many nurses swear by.

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Healthy hibernation tips

Here are four activities you can do from the comfort of your own home to burn off those extra calories during the ‘cold’ season!

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When did healthy become unpopular?

Warning: Get ready for a personal rant about the real reason why we have our obesity problem!

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Supplemental Immunity

We would think, as nurses, that we have a firm grasp on the immune system. But, all those pills! How do you pick out the snake-oil salesmen?

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There is no I in weight loss

So how do you/we keep ourselves motivated? Not only at home, but at work? How the heck do we nurses practice what we preach about health? It’s called recruitment.

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Halloween Trick and No Treat?

We know the nurse’s station is full of candy this time of year. Here are my tips for allowing yourself some Halloween indulgence without suffering the guilt that follows.

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Starvation shopping IS bad for your health

What the heck is the danger in going shopping while you are hungry? Better yet, what do you do if you can’t avoid the hunger-shopping?

Weight loss isn’t about the weight

Losing weight is not about the pounds, or the weight, or the fat, etc. Losing weight is about finding your happiness.

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One big exercise myth – debunked

Ever get ‘sore’ days after you’ve exercised? If you’ve stopped working out to rest those muscles, you’re making a mistake.

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Elliptical training manual 101

Do you want to increase your cardiovascular fitness without stressing your joints (knees, hips, ankles)?

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Used car salesmen of weight loss

Here are some of the misleading claims you’ll want to share with your patients (toning shoes, green tea)…

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How NOT to gain weight as a nursing student

You’ve gotta “eliminate the cheat.” And this works for everyone…at school, at your job, at home, at play, anywhere!

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Chocolate…as a protein substitute

Some say your desire for Godiva is linked to your body wanting or needing protein. Get the facts.

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Weight loss calorie burning foods?

Here’s another wonderful myth out there. The idea that there are actual foods out there that ‘help’ you lose weight.