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Infection Control

10 style tips from the Head Nurse

I’m constantly asked by faithful readers, “How do you do such a demanding job while remaining a paragon of beauty and style?” Well, it’s not easy. Here, my ways to nail it.

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Flu IQ quiz

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready to answer a bevy of flu-related questions from your patients, family and friends? Test your smarts!

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Do it for the herd

The vaccine debate is HOT HOT HOT. Personally, if I can avoid having diseases that make me febrile, itchy, or otherwise considered a social outcast—I’m all for it!

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Things that make you go EW!

Some people are afraid of spiders, closed spaces, the number thirteen or clowns. I’m afraid of germs! A true germaphobe…here are some of my hospital pet peeves. What are yours?

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