NCLEX Quizzes for Nurses

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NCLEX quiz: vitamins

Think you could ace the vitamins portion of the NCLEX test? Here’s a practice quiz…now…go!

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NCLEX quiz: infections

Thanks to antibiotics and antifungals, infectious diseases are no longer the scourge they once were. But are you up on the latest treatments?

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NCLEX quiz: Pediatric safety and administration

“A child is preparing to enter kindergarten in the fall, and has not received vaccinations since the age of 6 months. The nurse should first…?”

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NCLEX quiz: Nursing and anesthesiology

“A diabetic client who uses insulin is admitted on day of surgery, having followed directions to have all food and medications withheld. The client’s glucose is 320 mg/dL. The nurse should…”

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NCLEX quiz: Medication and treatment safety

“The IV hospital team has noted an increase in IV infiltrations. As part of a Plan, Do, Study, Act quality improvement project, which step would come FIRST?”

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NCLEX quiz: Prioritization, delegation and communication safety

“The nurse advises unlicensed personnel to provide oral hygiene for clients who are unable to perform it for themselves. Which technique should be emphasized?”

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NCLEX quiz: Privacy, precautions, psychiatry and other safety concerns

“Which of the following is the most effective way to ensure essential information about clients is passed from nurse to nurse during report?”

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NCLEX quiz: Pain management for oncologic clients

“A hospice client has increasing pain. Analgesics should be scheduled to provide…?”

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NCLEX quiz: Psychosocial, ethical and end-of-life

“A client’s wife is concerned that her dying husband keeps stating, ‘I need to go to work.’ Which of the following statements by the nurse would be most appropriate?”

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NCLEX quiz: Cancer risks and screening procedures

“Which of the following clients is at highest risk for colorectal cancer?”

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NCLEX quiz: General management of oncologic clients

“A nurse makes follow-up calls to clients being treated for cancer. Which of the following clients should receive a call LAST?”

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NCLEX quiz: Chemotherapy and radiation treatments

“A 78-year-old male is receiving chemotherapy and states his appetite has left. Which of the following meals would be the best for this client?”

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NCLEX practice exam: Joints

“While assessing a client recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, the nurse should focus the assessment on the severity of…?”

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NCLEX practice exam: Spine

“Which of the following activities should a client with low back pain be instructed to avoid?”

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NCLEX practice exam: Vascular conditions

“Which of the following clients is at greatest risk for thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger’s disease)?”