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18 love notes to nursing

Note #7: Ever cried at the mailbox? I did, after opening up a handwritten thank you card from the parents of a child that had passed away.

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The amazing work of nurses

If everyone showed the appreciation that’s truly due to these heroes of the hospital, our calendars would say it’s “Thank Your Nurse Day” every day of the year.

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How to be confident with doctors

“As a new graduate, one of my biggest challenges has been calling a physician on the phone. I often feel flustered and unsure of myself. Then they get frustrated. Can you help? Does this get easier with experience?” —Flustered on the Phone

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Too tattooed to be a nurse?

Visible tattoos may just be a no-no if you’re in nursing school, working in a hospital, or other healthcare settings. What do you think the guidelines should be?

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