Nurse Interview Tips

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Why you aren’t getting hired as a nurse

Stuck without a job? These tips can help you figure out why — and what to do about it.

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81% of people lie in job interviews…have you?

We don’t mean to lie, but most job seekers do embellish something about themselves to appear more qualified for a coveted job. Here’s when that’s dangerous.

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5 things you need to give up to get a nursing job

The job market is looking up, but in some parts of the country, it’s still not easy to land a nursing job. Give yourself a leg up with these tips.

How do you recognize excellence?

How do you recognize excellence?

When I was interviewed by my staff for my manager position, I was asked a great question…

Don’t burn your bridges

Don’t burn your bridges

What you say or do here will eventually make it to the hospital on the other side of town. Here’s an example…

Avoid this big interview mistake

Avoid this big interview mistake

Don’t burn your bridges with other nurses, because nurses talk to each other. That goes for managers as well.

Here’s how you land the job

Here’s how you land the job

I frequently get requests from student groups on my unit to come talk to them about what they can do to stand out and get their first job…

Thriving in a challenging job market

Thriving in a challenging job market

What’s a new graduate or laid-off nurse to do in challenging times? Here are five surefire ways to successfully launch your career.

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Find a nursing job with help from friends

Resist the temptation to stay in your pajamas until noon. Instead, enlist your posse for help in your job search. Here’s how!

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Job market tips for students

New grads are having a tough time finding the job of their dreams, here are some tips that may help kickstart your nursing career!

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Last-minute interview prep tips for nurses

New Year, New Job? Increase your odds of landing it with these 5 pieces of sage advice.

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Getting through a group interview

If you think one-on-one interviews are scary, you’re probably petrified by the thought of a group interview. Take a deep breath. We’ll help you prepare.

How do I deal with illegal interview questions?

Regardless of what questions get thrown your way, there are a handful of interview questions you should never be asked as a nurse.

How do I deal with stupid interview questions?

We’ve put together a list of the seven “stupidest” interview questions to help you discover their underlying meanings.

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Can unrelated jobs hurt your nursing resume?

It’s tempting to pad your resume with impressive (albeit unrelated) experience. But is it a good idea?