Saving Money

It’s not always about the money

It’s not always about the money

Here is an open letter from a nurse to any and all hospital administration.

6 ways to add to your paycheck

6 ways to add to your paycheck

Dos and don’ts for growing your nursing job compensation.

How to score the best nurse benefits

How to score the best nurse benefits

Tip #1: If you’re considering going back to school, make sure you find an employer that provides the most tuition reimbursement you can find.

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8 ways nurses can make extra cash

From medical transcription to call center nursing to immunization clinics, here are some “moonlighting” ideas that are perfect for nurses (plus tips on how to get in the game).

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Beauty secrets for nurses (at a pretty price!)

We’re all looking for ways to stay looking great but maybe for less money. The good news: There are a lot of ways to cut down on costly products.

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What Nurses Make: Salaries for RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Staff Nurses, and more!

We’ve pulled the most up-to-date hourly and yearly salary reports for the top nurse jobs and are wondering…are they accurate for your job title, your location and your years of experience?

7 ways to boost your nurse salary

7 ways to boost your nurse salary

What happens when your employer (or potential employer) is pleading "tough times?" There are other factors besides compensation that can influence the final numbers.

4 simple tips for reducing your tax burden this year

4 simple tips for reducing your tax burden this year

Filing taxes isn’t kids play. And some nurses think it isn’t nurse’s play, either! Get a dose of clear and simple advice…

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Budget makeover: Saving your nurse’s salary

Terrific “bite-size” money saving tips so nurses can build that nest egg you well deserve!

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Thinking about retirement

I’m 24 and new on the job, yet they have me in retirement lectures already! But here’s what’s interesting: They tell me that I can retire a millionaire if I follow their instructions…

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Divvying up a nursing salary

As a nurse, you get paid relatively well, and your salary will keep going up as you stay in this profession. Here’s a snapshot of one income and how to both cover costs + save.

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Top 5 tax-time complaints from nurses—answered!

Did you know that education expenses are deductible – but only sometimes? Get more insider advice with these tips from a seasoned tax pro.

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How to turn your weird hours into travel bargains

Your vacation times may be out of synch with everyone else’s, but that could work in your favor! Here’s how being a nurse can be an advantage.

A nurse’s top tips for pinching your pennies

A nurse’s top tips for pinching your pennies

Whether you’re between nursing jobs or diligently cutting back spending because it’s, well, smart to do, there are lots of alternative ways for nurses to do your shopping while protecting your wallet!


At home beauty fixes

Ever need a quick fix but don’t have the time to run out? With hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, not everyone has the time to or hit up the spa or salon.