Shoes for Nurses

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Our top five unisex nursing shoes

We had three criteria: Long-term comfort, conforming to hospital dress codes, and of course, looking good!

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The indispensable nursing gear list

Once you’ve pocketed these “must haves,” you won’t know how you ever lived without them!

Our defining uniforms – yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Our defining uniforms – yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Over the years (thankfully) the ‘style’ of our uniform has definitely evolved. How will “fit” and “function” affect the uniform of tomorrow?


The best shoes for nursing students

Looking for some comfy and practical footwear for school and/or work? We’ve got you covered with our top picks for nursing shoes!

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Why do I need a dress code?

“My hospital is considering a dress code (as in certain colors and styles of scrubs) for nurses. I’m unhappy with this idea because I like being able to wear whatever scrubs I want…”

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A nursing student’s Christmas list

You know you’re a student nurse when your Christmas wish-list asks Santa for some scrubs, pens, and a good night’s sleep before clinical.

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10 style tips from the Head Nurse

I’m constantly asked by faithful readers, “How do you do such a demanding job while remaining a paragon of beauty and style?” Well, it’s not easy. Here, my ways to nail it.

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The nurse’s guide to buying shoes

One of the best ways to give your tired and sore body a little relief is to choose the right shoes. They’ll support you from the foundation up while at work.

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Bad Shoes!

Like many nurses, the search for the “perfect” shoe has been an ongoing adventure for me. Most of the time, I try new shoes, they end up hurting and I switch with little or no fallout…except for the time my shoes completely embarrassed me AND hindered my nursing.

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Putting your best foot forward

My old shoes carried me through more than two years of work…but my dogs started killing me. Then, I went shopping.

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12 hours

I remember I used to tell new grads and students that the most important piece of equipment a floor nurse can have is a good pair of shoes. Actually, that is just good advice for life. But to make it through a full twelve hour shift, that good pair of shoes can make or break your day.

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Back-to-back shift blues

Nursing school did not teach me how to deal with this essential part of nursing life. Any advice on how to cope?

Easy ways to make scrubs your own

Easy ways to make scrubs your own

If your workplace insists on solid colored scrubs, there’s still a way to make your uniform collection more stylish and fun.

Scrubs chic – wear it with flair

Scrubs chic – wear it with flair

Feminine florals, mix-and-match prints and comfy shoes for on-the-job style.

Scrubs fashion: What looks good on a male nurse?

Scrubs fashion: What looks good on a male nurse?

If you’re a T-shirt-and-jeans kind of guy like me, you may need some on-duty fashion advice. Here are my DOs and DON’Ts if you want to be taken seriously.