Skin and Body Advice for Nurses

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To tat or not to tat?

“Visible tattoos are so unprofessional,” says Angela. “As long as you can cover them up, it’s okay,” says Sara. So, what do YOU think? Should nurses forgo tattoos?

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5 more hand creams nurses recommend for dry, cracked skin

You told us all about your favorite hand lotions for cracked skin, and now we’re sharing your top picks!

5 hand creams nurses recommend for cracked, dry skin

5 hand creams nurses recommend for cracked, dry skin

Stave off cracked skin with these five lotions recommended by your fellow nurses!

Recommendations for “green” skincare products

Recommendations for “green” skincare products

Our shopping guide for the most gentle, natural products you can put on your skin and hair. We’ve found makeup with no synthetic preservatives and hair products that will allow you to throw away the canned hairspray.

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How to prevent acne infections nurses are prone to contracting

The Nerdy Nurse is handing out advice for keeping your clear skin from infections you’re exposed to every day!

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What every nurse needs to know about allergies

Allergies aren’t seasonal when you’re a nurse. We reveal allergy dangers at home and in the workplace, then give you smart solutions to handle it all!

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5 best hand creams for nurses

Continual hand washing can take quite the toll on our skin. Here are a few favorite lotions to help repair dry and cracked hands.

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20 fabulous skin care secrets for nurses

From varicose veins to dry hands, we’ve got tips for every skin health issue common to nurses to keep you looking and feeling great from head to toe.

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Makeup cheats for the tired looking nurse

Want your eyes to look bright and perky, even at work? Try these makeup picks and easy tricks.

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Beauty secrets for nurses (at a pretty price!)

We’re all looking for ways to stay looking great but maybe for less money. The good news: There are a lot of ways to cut down on costly products.

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Four basic makeup tips for a 12-hour shift

Being a bedside nurse can sometimes feel like a high impact sport for the amount of action that’s involved. Even if you’re able to keep up with the day, sometimes your makeup doesn’t last so long.


Nursing, one skin layer at a time

Cleaning my hands with a foam that makes my skin painfully peel is just one of the sacrifices I make when it comes to caring for my patients.

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Dermatitis: The nurse’s allergy

Does the skin on your hands frequently feel dry and irritated? You’re not alone. Nursing has long been recognized as a profession at high risk for allergic contact dermatitis.

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The spa treatment for nurses

Make your skin, your hands, your eyebrows and your body feel beautiful with these simple tips for busy nurses.

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5 age-fighting power foods and nutrients

Want to look — and feel — younger? The vitamins and nutrients in these power foods can help keep you in tip-top shape.