Spring 2015 Print Issue

The Boxes of Love Project

Lyndsee Wunn, a pediatric nurse, wants to improve the foster care system. It’s no small task, but she’s succeeding. Find out how she’s doing it here.

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Beware: Occupational hazards

We explore the cause of effects of nursing’s most formidable occupational hazards, as well as a few simple steps that can be taken to help curb them.

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The Art of Nursing

Artists throughout history have celebrated nurses in their works. The Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio has brought many of these works together in a new exhibition called “Shine On: The Art of Nursing.”

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The friendship diet

It’s a story that many a nurse is sure to recognize: Lifelong friends Rachelle Saturnino, 25, a surgical telemetry nurse at Glendale Adventist Medical Center in California, and Jonnica Buen, 24,…

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