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Winter 2011 Print Issue

Quiet, please!

Nobody needs to tune out chaos and key into calm more than a nurse. Here, many different–and delightful–de-stressors that will bring you peace of body and mind.

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Are you on overload?

No need to let stress overtake your life. Here, some simple solutions to ensure that doing what you love still means loving what you do.

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Decisions, decisions

Are you ready? Here’s Daily Dilemma #2: You’re starving after your shift. Should you muster the energy to fix a salad? Or can you simply break out the cheese and crackers and pour a glass of wine?

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Eating plans for overweight shift nurses

Unfortunately, as you nourish your patients, you might actually overnourish yourself, consuming too many calories and packing on pounds. Here’s how to outsmart the nurse-specific challenges that stand between you and your thinner self.

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