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The Future of Cherokee Scrubs is Here


Cherokee Medical Uniforms, the largest manufacturer of medical scrubs in the United States, has announced the launch of its new collection, named Cherokee. This collection marks a significant brand refresh for the company, representing a new direction and image for the brand.

The team at Scrubs Magazine got an exclusive look at the line and got our hands on some of the sets, and simply put, this new line pretty much encompasses everything we’ve come to love about the brand over the past three decades. 

Careismatic Brands owns Cherokee and also publishes Scrubs Magazine, so perhaps we’re biased – but in reality, our Editorial team gives vital feedback from what we see in the market, what we know Nurses are looking for, and what they’ve wanted over the years. So when we get the lowdown on a new drop or a new line, we give our honest opinion on what our readers can expect.

Scrubs have become a main fashion staple over the past ten years, and Cherokee has kept up with the demand of healthcare workers. But sometimes, the more fashionable scrub set can compromise what healthcare workers need. Stretch, water resistance, pockets where you need them, and staple colors that aren’t a limited set, so if you damage or lose a scrub top, you won’t have to worry that it’s not sold anymore, ruining the chance to pair the bottoms with a matching color.

In step the new Cherokee line – we broke it down by the three main characteristics we know you love and need.


The functionality of the line is what you’d expect, and bears the company’s tagline of “We Fit Who You Are”. We pretty much donned the scrubs and did a couple of laps around the office. When we came up for air 1 hour later, we were able to revel in the sheer movability of the product. It’s a polyester blend with 10% spandex. This might sound familiar, but it’s not a staple in your everyday scrub set. The boxy sets you might find from big brands feel like a cloth draped over your body, in most cases the loose, baggy fit can be more of a hindrance than an aid in your day-to-day role. 

Certainty fabric technology to help fight odors is a given for this line and ensures you will feel fresh all shift long. Perfect if you’re doing the long 12-hour shift! 

The fabric blend in these sets gives the body form but allows it to move. Think of your favorite gym jogger or a running outfit, this has the same appeal. And whilst we’re not doing squats in the ER, we’ve certainly tackled some heavy situations and continue to do so. This fabric helps you do what you do.


We get it, some of you don’t give a damn about style at work. You’re there to save lives and could give a hoot whether you look good or not. But, hear us out – as a recent Science of Us article points out, there have been past studies on how clothing affects performance. For example, the Scientific American highlights studies proving more formal outfits lead to higher abstract thinking, that wearing a lab coat like a doctor can make you focus better, and that wearing the color red leads athletes to lift a heavier amount of weight (as opposed to wearing the color blue—who knew?). The point is, WHAT you wear matters.

Along with the fit, the staple colors are ones you love, with five core colors available: black, royal blue, navy, pewter, and wine. There’s also a chic neon pink available if you dare to be, more daring.


Alas, things do come down to price. And these are well priced, cheaper than the high fashion scrubs sets, but a tad more expensive than the brands in Walmart.

In our opinion, buying a cheaper scrub set that doesn’t have technology like Certainty means you’ll just end up buying a lot of them more often. So whilst you might pay $20-$30, you’ll probably be buying a few of them every year. 

The higher-priced scrubs that range $80+ will probably sell out of your favorite color set, or it’ll be a limited edition, and you’re screwed.

This price is a good staple. You’ll get everything you need for a reasonable price that will last, and you won’t be replacing your scrubs often at all.

The line launches today and you can get 10% off your order by clicking here. Prefer to support your retailers and shop local? This link shows all scrubs stores near you.


Promotional consideration by Careismatic Brands.


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