The top 10 worst orders you’ve ever read!


Doctors are more than just a necessary evil, right? Don’t ask these nurses! On Scrubs’ Facebook page, nurses discussed the worst orders they’ve ever received. See the outrageous answers that topped the list and be glad for all the great doctors you get to engage with at work!



1. “Fix this chart,” after the doctor dropped it on the floor and messed up all the sections, then threw papers back in there and put it in the order rack.
—Stacy Carroll

2. “Squeeze balls at bedside PRN.” (Those pressure/stress foam balls…LOL!)
—Janna Lynn Garrison

3. “Keep stool away from open wound at all times.”
—Jennifer Chase-Smith

4. “Cough and breathe deeply” to a two-month-old!
—Debbie White

5.  Once had a resident order a suppository orally…ugh!!!
—Susan Williams

6. “Walk the patient two flights and if she passes out, give her 10 mg of Valium and get her dog.” Seriously—not kidding!
—Lisa Barnum

7. “Crispy bacon in AM for breakfast.”
—Robyn Royer Coker

8. “Give patient a shower. If patient continues to smell, surgery is going to be canceled.”
—Haidee Gordula Bersamin

9. “If patient has episode of involuntary moment, someone take a video of it with their cell phone and show it to me.”
—Keri Geier

10. “Withhold medication if patient becomes diarrhea.” LOL, we all had a great laugh at that one!
—Tricia Escalante

What’s the worst order you’ve ever read?

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